Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello to all!

This is officially our first post. So I just wanted to introduce myself, Carrie-Lee, my husband, Matthew, and my three screaming children, Cody, Colleen and Keely. You know, the family that you don't want to sit next to at a restaurant? The family you roll your eyes at when you see us being seated near your table? Don't feel bad, I roll our eyes at us, too. :)

My husband and I have been avid foodies since the day we met and we critique everything. I've always wanted to start some sort of website where we could spout off or rave about our favorite or not so favorite places to eat. Hear the replies, comments, and arguments for or against the restaurants we discuss. And also to act as a database to refer to when picking a place to dine.

And here we are. What I expect are foodie blogs, some alone, just the hubby and I, and others along the lines of what restaurants prove or disprove whether or not they're truly family friendly. All on Cape Cod and all with a bit of humor and 'tude. Now that we've moved to the Cape and are year round residents, we've got lots to talk about.

Please join us by following us on Twitter and subscribing or following us by the links provided in the sidebar. Thanks, and trust me, you'll hear from us soon. :)