Sunday, January 3, 2010

Burrito Bistro

After posing the question on twitter, "Getting take out from Burrito Bistro. Any thoughts?" I was surprised at the amount of replies I received, ranging from "good Mexican on the Cape? Are you serious?" to "We've tried it and it was decent for the portions and the price." I found the reply from Amanda Blum most humorous: "Its Mexican food. On Cape Cod. I would never ask what anyone thought of the chowder house in Detroit!" I find this funny mostly because I remember getting an odd look from my husband when we were on our honeymoon years back and I had ordered New England clam chowder on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and it was, needless to say, not up to par with what I was used to being a native New Englander.

Here's what we thought. My son had two of the kids tacos. I think he was fairly unimpressed. He's used to our homemade chicken quesadillas which are comprised of small pieces of chicken and cheese. The chicken in his taco, and he was expecting a hard shell taco which may have been an ordering faux pas on my part, consisted of large - very large - cubes of chicken that were fairly over cooked. But he ate both of them and he's an extremely picky eater, so I was happy I at least got my moneys worth on that part.

I had a Grande Burrito Max (black or pinto beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole
and salsa) with ground beef. You can also choose to have this with steak, chicken, veggies etc... I thought it was very good. The best ever? Perhaps not, I thought Chipotle's in NYC was much better, but good none-the-less. It was at the very least, a bargain for the price. I did, however, have a Coconut Coolada (coconut, pineapple, bananas and non-fat yogurt) that was to die for, delish!

My husband had the Boston Blue Burrito (steak, blue cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, rice and lettuce)
. I asked what he thought and his response was "I hated it, that's why I ate the entire thing" and he rolled his eyes. Obviously it was a big hit.

This establishment also offers, chili's, soups, salads, many sides and a very wide variety of coffee drinks and smoothies. So all in all I would definitely go back to the Burrito Bistro as well as recommend this to others.

Grande Burrito Max $8.79
Grande Boston Blue Burrito $8.79
(2) Kids Single Tacos $4.98
Coconut Coolada $3.60

Total $26.16

Capetown Plaza
790 Iyannough Road (rt 132)
Hyannis, MA 02601